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Barbara Karn's 'Things to do ' Seagull with attitude Lynda Jewell of Pierrot Pottery - 
zingy red-glazed  stoneware bowl

Website designed by Maxine Symons - 13th July 2011

Maxine Symons - Freshwater pearl necklace with sterling silver handmade clasp Crowan Crafts - Jane Suchodolski - Bleu bowl with red dot Crowan Crafts - David Griffin - trio of blue-glazed bowls Crowan Crafts - Catherine Lucktaylor - Raku pottery Crowan Crafts - Melody Ryder - Poppy lamp shade Ron Parnell - walking stick with Woodcock

We are now closed until 1st February 2017. Thank you for helping us raise £450 for St Julia's Hospice.

Crowan Crafts - Sam Bonney - Textile art - Cornish Chough Crowan Crafts St Ives - only Cornish only handmade See Inside our shop Crowan Cratfs - The Green Man - pine cone with pyrography - Samvado and Susie Breeze Crowan Cratfs - Susie Breeze - pyrograph Crowan Crafts - Serena Gwynn - sgrafitto bowl and spoon Crowan Crafts - John Webb - salt-glazed wood-fired storage jar Crowan Crafts - Dave Waddilove - trinket box Crowan Crafts - Rob Braybrooks - birch relief Oystercatcher Crowan Crafts - Tony Worthington - Raku rocking bird Crowan Cratfs - Sue Kelly - Labradorite pendant Crowan Crafts - Carole Venables - porcelain sea urchin Crowan Crafts - Emma West - embroidered porcelain picture of St Ives Crowan Crafts - Samvado - Elm Platter Crowan Crafts - Alan DiMambro - Painted panel of Pagoda pot made in porcelain Facebook square blue large Crowan Crafts - Kevin Harris - Praa Sands - wooden box in oak and burr elm